Safe and effective means of micronizing potent compounds is provided by utilizing a universal milling isolator to serve as a primary containment. Verified processing procedures throughout the full range of handing including micronization, QC testing and cleaning demonstrates the ability to safely handle compounds and provide OEL’s < 10 ng/m^3. A range of milling equipment trains are available to accommodate capacities from gram to early stage commercial production.

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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Micronizer (PDF)

High-potency milling glove box

Eligible Compounds
Design Attributes of Isolator
Design Attributes of Processing Station
  • Cytotoxic compounds Highly Sensitizing compounds (steroids/hormones) Certain antibiotics (non-beta lactams)
  • Demonstrated containment down to < 10 ng/m^3Double Hepa Filtration
  • Continuous processing via RTP ports and Interlocked Airlock.
  • Suitable for 2” and 4” jet mill capabilities
  • Double HEPA filtration
  • Air & Mist ShowerPositive Pressure Air Lock
  • Dedicated HVAC
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Temperature/Humidity Controlled