To meet the expanding need for milling potent and sensitizing compounds in a safe and effective manner, Powdersize has commissioned a new processing suite with isolator capabilities to accommodate growing market demand.Powdersize provides the necessary expertise in a full range of handling activities from milling/micronization, packaging, testing and cleaning to provide clients the confidence to outsource the milling of highly potent compounds.

Eligible Compounds
  • Cytotoxic compounds
  • Highly Sensitizing compounds (steroids/hormones)
  • Certain antibiotics (non-beta lactams)
Design Attributes of Isolator
  • Demonstrated containment down to < 10 ng/m^3
  • Double Hepa Filtration
  • Continuous processing via RTP ports and Interlocked Airlock.
Capable of multiple mills including 2” and 4” jet mills for R&D, clinical and early commercial scale processing needs.