By designing and manufacturing jet mills in house, Powdersize is able to offer a wide variety of jet milling solutions to reduce the particle size of your drug product substance.Design features include:

  • Sanitary design ideal for pharmaceutical use
  • Multiple designs to create different grind characteristics
  • Variety of sizes to improve yield and throughput

Mill size, inlet orientation, and grinding nozzle design are evaluated, optimized and validated to achieve a robust and repeatable particle size distribution critical for cGMP processes. Jet mills with grinding chambers spanning 2” 4” 10” and 24” designs allow for processing batch sizes from a few grams to metric ton levels to facilitate R&D, clinical trials and commercial scale production needs.

Wide variety of jet milling solutions


Micronization provides a well understood and established means of increasing surface area, bioavailability and dissolution rate for poorly soluble pharmaceutical ingredients.Inherent quality advantages of the technology include:

  • Reproducible Gaussian particle size distributions < 10 microns are achievable
  • Ambient processing as dictated by Joules-Thomson effect.
  • Reduced risk of metal contamination via elimination of screens and/or moving parts.

A compressed gas source (air or nitrogen) is used to accelerate particles in a tornado like flow path within the grinding chamber of the mill. Centrifugal force directs larger particles to the outside of the chamber. As particles travel in the circular path, particle on particle attrition occurs and particle size reduction occurs. Pressure and feed rate can be varied to influence the resulting particle size created during the processing.