Let the experts at Powdersize create a robust test method using a variety of technologies to characterize the particle size, bulk density or moisture content of your powder.Featuring a cGMP laboratory and validation protocols that meet both USP and ICH guidelines Powdersize can provide expert characterization service with both R&D evaluation and final release samples with a 3 day standard turn around time.

Characterization Service
Particle Size- Laser Diffraction MicroTrac S-3000 & MicroTrac Bluewave
Particle Size-Jet Sieve Hosokawa Micron Air Jet Sieve
Optical Microscopy National DC5-163 Digital
Bulk and Tapped Density Quantachrome AutoTap
Moisture Testing-LOD Denver Instruments IR-120
Spectral Identity-FTIR Bruker Alpha P
Sample Submission Form